This is a picture of the case I use, to store my effective investigations utilizing The Intentionator, a radionics machine enlivened by a comparable wishing machine that scientific genius Harry Stine expounded on. 

Occasionally, and with the authorization of the objective or parent of the objective, if the objective is a minor, I will post the treatment articulation I utilized for that specific objective. 

Fitness machines, whole body vibration machines

I will likewise incorporate a concise portrayal of the circumstance or ailment requiring rectification. 

Experiment 1 

In May of 2018, my sister drew out into the open, that a bunch of twin young ladies was being tormented by another understudy in their primary school. The twins were focused and didn’t have any desire to go to class and their grandma, my sister’s companion was clearly disturbed and stressed over her granddaughters. 

I composed my aim for their circumstance on a little piece of paper (this is known as the treatment slip or card) alongside a picture of the twins for me to zero in on as my objective. 

I put the treatment slip between the copper plates of The Intentionator and set the fitting recurrence. After around ten minutes of thinking and envisioning my treatment as effectively fruitful, I let the aim broadcast for a little while. (I neglected to show the time that I quit broadcasting this Intention on my treatment and as of this post I am working from memory comparative with how long I did the transmission) 

The treatment I composed was ” Create an energy field around twin1 and twin2 (I utilized their genuine first names while taking a gander at their image) that will change all non-gainful energy to the most suitable energy required at that point.” 

While rehashing the treatment explained to me, I envisioned the twins as glad and cheerful. Likewise, make note that I referenced the “thing” I didn’t need, just the thing that I needed. 

A long time after my trial with The Intentionator, my sister educated me that twins were done being harassed. Indeed, inside the fourteen days of my test withThe Intentionator, the twins moved to another neighborhood with a superior school. At the new school, they warmed up to another arrangement of twin young ladies! They were back to their glad active selves. 

The examination was done secretly 

Here I Am Lord. Cleanse me from all profaneness. Make me a more noteworthy channel of gift to everybody steps by step; not my will but rather yours O’Lord be done in and through me.


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