I give meetings of Vibrational Medicine to people balanced utilizing an incredible arrangement of mending known as Quantum Psionics, which can chip away at any space including your wellbeing, your connections, your vocation, and your feeling of direction. I can likewise uphold your youngsters and youngsters, your creatures and furthermore circumstances you end up in. If it’s not too much trouble, look down to peruse customer tributes. I likewise encourage my own arrangement of vibrational medication known as Energy Harmonization. 

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What is Quantum Psionics? 

Quantum Psionics is a profoundly progressed vibrational mending apparatus, which empowers people to move past blocks with wellbeing and prosperity and appreciate more prominent agreement and equilibrium on each level. It expects to return your life to Divine Order, as per the Laws of Love, helping you to co-make your life. 

How can it function? 

Utilizing the Quantum Psionics Table, this incredible recuperating methodology works in a quantum recurrence; assisting with advancing equilibrium and prosperity at all levels – physical, mental, passionate, and otherworldly. 

The QPT (Quantum Psionics Table) is a plate with Sacred Geometry images and other recuperating apparatuses encoded inside it, which works like a grandiose GPS or profoundly progressed ‘mind-worked PC’, whereby diverse mending frequencies are sent utilizing Radiesthesia, with astounding and speedy outcomes. Meetings, which ordinarily keep going for 2 hours, can be given face to face or by means of Skype. 

What occurs in a recuperating meeting? 

After an underlying evaluation, a particular recuperating set of aims is made and I utilize a pendulum to start explicit mending instruments held inside the table which associate with the 24 Divine Rays, Alignment with Divine Consciousness, Spiritual Guides, Trine Flame, Flower Remedies, Quantum Time Leaps, Multidimensional Realities, Archangel Michael, Sacred Geometry Symbols and an assortment of other recuperating treatments and medicines. 

Each picked device is then enacted on the various gateways, creating high vibrational frequencies, which are shipped off your Higher Self, bringing mending, equilibrium and amicability as per the Highest Good of all. 

Toward the finish of the meeting, there’s frequently a profound feeling of harmony, soul arrangement, clearness, and unwinding. 

Quantum Psionics depends on standards of Radiesthesia, Psionics, Radionics, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, NLP, Metaphysics and Healing and was created in Brazil by a popular healer and educator, Régia Prado in 2012. 

It is utilized to assist you with your internal excursion, assisting with getting to increasingly more of your own Divine Light, eliminating all obstructions and any constraints that might be keeping you from carrying on with your life all the more completely. It assists you with interfacing with your Divine Presence, to stir your co-creation capacities, to figure out how to develop through Love (not through dread or agony), to raise your cognizance, and to help the worldwide advancement of human awareness, for the most noteworthy great of all. 

I utilize the Crystalline Grid for more profound purging work and work on your DNA to deliver old restricting examples and supplant them with positive new ones.



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