By actuating and utilizing the Quantum Psionic Table many mending frequencies can be chosen and enacted utilizing Dowsing and Psionics (“Holographic Projection of the Mind”) joined with the force of the Heart, notwithstanding explicit words and orders. This initiation is done through the professional’s Higher Self (Super Conscious Mind or I AM Divine Presence) to the client’s Higher Self, consistently as per the Divine Plan and for everyone’s benefit. 

This recuperating apparatus was made and created in 2012 by Régia Prado, a Brazilian healer, and all-encompassing educator, in light of the standards of Radiesthesia (Psionics), Radionics, Sacred Geometry, NLP, Quantum Physics, Spiritual Healing, and Metaphysics. 

Fitness machines, whole body vibration machines

It has become an extraordinary accomplishment in Portuguese-talking nations and is presently arriving at the whole world. 

How can it function? 

The Blue Quantum Psionic Table® is a printed board around 29 cm x 40 cm, with images of Sacred Geometry and other mending apparatuses encoded on it. It capacities as a “grandiose interface” or as an augmentation of our Super Conscious Mind or Divine Presence I Am, permitting us to investigate Universal Consciousness, the Akashic Field, and the bound together enlightening field of the Universe. 

The QP specialist can initiate the Quantum Psionic Table® through his Higher Self, and not through the Ego, moving the pendulum with a specific goal in mind on the Sacred Geometry designs imprinted on the board, with recuperating and cherishing expectation, utilizing explicit inventive words and orders. 

Toward the start of the meeting, after an underlying evaluation, we generally request Divine authorization, as per the Divine Plan and individual Free Will. We generally look to return the individual’s life to the Divine Order, as per the Laws of Love, consistently for everyone’s benefit of all included. 

A particular recuperating aim is mentioned by the customer (actual mending and imperativeness, stress alleviation, enthusiastic rebalancing, improvement of connections and business, stream of plenitude, and so on), after which explicit mending instruments are picked consecutively utilizing dowsing and initiated in the various entries, which work up to the twelfth measurement. 

These chose mending instruments may incorporate a blend of 24 Divine Rays, Alignment with Divine Consciousness, help from Spiritual Guides and Mentors, Threefold Flame, Florals from a wide range of frameworks, Quantum Time jumps previously or future, admittance to multidimensional real factors, Archangel Michael Sword for profound purifying and assurance, many images of Sacred Geometry, Chromotherapy, Crystals, Reiki and considerably more, other than having the option to radiate and enact up to 24 additional recuperating methods previously utilized by the specialist. 

At the point when these devices are enacted in the various gateways, they create high vibrational frequencies at a “quantum level”, which are shipped off the customer’s Higher Self, bringing profound recuperating, equilibrium, and congruity. 

It can help advance equilibrium and prosperity at all levels – physical, mental, passionate, and profound. 

Toward the finish of the meeting, there is a profound feeling of harmony, unwinding, and soul arrangement. 

The Quantum Psionic Table can likewise be utilized by the professional for self-mending and self-improvement, at whatever point important. 

What can be chipped away at during a meeting? 

The fundamental goal of any meeting of Quantum Psionics is to help the customer in his recuperating venture, assisting with bringing his life back in Divine and amazing request, for more noteworthy wellbeing, imperativeness, and prosperity. 

This can be accomplished through the capacity to get to your Inner Light to an ever-increasing extent (inside the Soul), opening the heart to Divine Love, investigate your special blessings, and line up with your life reason. 

During a meeting, the underlying recuperating goals for the most part incorporate eliminating any snags and constraints that may keep them from carrying on with their lives all the more completely and joyfully, chipping away at: 

Medical conditions and low energy (expanded imperative recurrence, mental and passionate recurrence, arrangement of the chakras, rebalancing the quality, checking poisonousness levels in the body, and substantially more). 

What number of meetings are required? Furthermore, how long is every meeting? 

Generally, every issue or circumstance is managed in one meeting; notwithstanding, at times more meetings are required. 

Nonstop help is additionally suggested. 

Every meeting endures around 2 hours.The Blue Quantum Psionic Table® is an elite Vibrational Healing instrument that capacities as an exceptionally progressed “mind-worked PC” that permits us to get to directly from our Higher Self and data from the Akashic Field for more prominent wellbeing, prosperity, and extension of cognizance.


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